Why Contact Student-Centered World?

We specialize in helping teachers with a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect student-centered environment. 

If you are hoping to have a successful student-centered classroom, implement successful methods immediately, and not fail at a new method in the classroom then we can definitely help you.

We are pioneers in the field of student-centered HELP! There is SO MUCH out there about the positive effects of the student-centered model, but there is NOTHING that actually explains how to do it. In 2018, we decided to change that.


It took FIVE YEARS of trial and error to finally find a student-centered model that consistently worked. No teacher should have to take that much time to figure out this method, but there is NOTHING out there that walks you through the process; thus, Student-Centered World was born.


Every single in-person workshop that we’ve held has been packed with teachers who want to learn and leave finally feeling empowered to make the change. Most PD sessions leave you feeling inspired, but don’t give you the tools to make the changes immediately. WE DO.


Most teachers want to move to a student-centered model, but HOW? Most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from a team who has “been there and done that!” This is why we created a step-by-step guide to creating a student-centered environment (that works every time!) to help as many educators as possible!


We will definitely help you have a successful student-centered classroom, implement learner-centered methods immediately, and not fail at a new method in the classroom!


Looking forward to working with you 🙂


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