Welcome to the Workshop!

Welcome to ECET2 Tabernacle:
“Student-Led Learning”!


We all know that student-centered activities are what should be the driving force behind our classrooms. Did you know that learner-centered activities are not “one-size-fits-all”? So often we *think* we are accomplishing student-centered learning in our lesson planning, but there are distinct criteria that make the difference between true student-led activities and just an activity that is not much more than busywork. In this workshop, we will be recognizing the difference between the two and will be adding easy ideas to your teacher toolbox to use in your classrooms right away.

To start, please complete the following learning-styles quiz,
found here.

A True Student-Centered Activity will incorporate the following 5 elements:

High Degree of Student Engagement

Not every student is working on the same thing

There is movement

Students can tell you WHY they’re doing what they’re doing

The teacher is the biggest reference material in the room


Station 2: Auditory (the sound is a bit muffled for some reason….even though you’re the auditory learners, you may want to click on the closed captioning…especially if the room is a bit noisy).


Closing Survey

Today’s Handout:

Some references to help:

Learning Styles:

Identifying Children’s Learning Styles

Different Learning Style Tests for Children

Student-Centered Learning:

Giving Your Students an Edge with Student-Centered Learning

Teaching Generation Z: A Student Revelation

How to get a Big “YES!” for Student-Centered Learning

Flexible Seating and Classroom Design


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