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Hey ya’ll!


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If you’ve missed the memo, we’re currently surveying our readers to find out exactly what you want to know about #studentcenteredlearning. We want to make sure we are covering the topics that YOU want to read about.


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So help us out. CLICK HERE to fill out a survey (will take just a moment of your time) so we can make sure we are moving forward in the direction that you are looking for.


Thanks everyone for the help!

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After moving from a teacher-dominated classroom to a student-regulated one, Jenn found herself helping colleagues who wanted to follow her lead.  In 2018 she decided to expand outside of her school walls and help those out there who were also trying to figure out this fantastic method of instruction.  She realized that, even though there was a ton of information out there about why student-centered learning is beneficial in the classroom, there wasn't a lot about how to go about making the transition to this method; thus Student-Centered World was born.

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