Learner-Centered Loop


Are you looking to follow some amazing educators on Instagram? Be part of our weekend Learner-Centered Loop. This is a great way for student-centered educators to connect with other like-minded Instagrammers! To participate:

1. Follow your host: Student-Centered World @studentcenteredworld

2. Click on @studentcenteredworld bio to go to the Learner-Centered Loop website to get the picture and caption (this makes it copy/paste!)

.3. Post the image and the caption

4. Click on this week’s hashtag #learnercenteredloop5

5. Follow everyone that has posted the picture and comment with your favorite emoji

6. DO NOT follow to unfollow. Most people have an app that tells them you have done this and you will lose the follow back.

7. Allow 24-48 hours for a follow back. Your account must be public in order to get the follow back.

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