Student-Centered Discussion in the Classroom

It is easy to acknowledge that we are living in the most technologically advanced moment in history.  We have everything we need at the click of a few buttons (or a few words from a voice command, depending on how fancy we want to be).  It can be argued that we are more connected as a people than we have ever been before. You can talk to someone instantly on the other side of the world and have whatever you need in a matter of days (or even hours in some cases…thank you Amazon #primenow) without even leaving your home.

But in a world where we are so connected, have we lost touch with one another?

Some of the most simple gestures and social aspects of life seem to be going by the wayside.  Those intimate interactions with other people that we have modeled for us as children are being slowly lost to those clicks.  We see it everywhere: people staring at their phones instead of interacting with one another. There isn’t a bus, park bench, or even a restaurant where you won’t see this at some point during your time there, however fleeting it may be.

Where communication was once commonplace and innate, must it now be taught?

Are the basic levels of interaction becoming something that needs to be taught outright as opposed to just learned by being around others?

To read the rest of this post, join me over at Aristotle’s Cafe, where I had the privilege of guest posting about #studentcenteredlearning and the benefit of teacher training in today’s classroom.  Check out their training programs while you are there!  They specialize in training others in leading discussions on a variety of topics by creating “skilled global citizens” by “improving public speaking, cultural awareness, and critical thinking skills”.


Want to switch to a student-centered classroom, but just aren’t sure how to plan out that first lesson?  Check out our professional development course “Creating a Student-Centered Lesson Plan” here.  All resources throughout the modules only take about 5 minutes to go through and can be used immediately in the classroom!

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After moving from a teacher-dominated classroom to a student-regulated one, Jenn found herself helping colleagues who wanted to follow her lead.  In 2018 she decided to expand outside of her school walls and help those out there who were also trying to figure out this fantastic method of instruction.  She realized that, even though there was a ton of information out there about why student-centered learning is beneficial in the classroom, there wasn't a lot about how to go about making the transition to this method; thus Student-Centered World was born.

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