Why It’s Important to Let Our Kids “Get Dirty”

kids get dirty

Remember when we were kids and we were always told to keep our clothes clean? In 2018, we should be saying the exact opposite. It’s important to let our kids get dirty.

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What?! Why should our kids get dirty on purpose?!


Let me explain. We are living in a whirlwind of change in our society. Information is at the press of a button. We’re becoming accustomed to instant gratification. Anything we need can be taken care of in moments with a few clicks of a screen or by a quick conversation with Siri or Alexa. But guess what? Because of all of this, our kids are growing up without learning some of the most basic ideas of what the norms of our society used to be.


Every generation has scoffed at the younger one (The Beatles and that long hair, for crying out loud!), but this time it is different. Without technology everywhere we turned, it was up to the student to learn certain societal norms of interaction, collaboration, and decorum. Students were trained to sit quietly and take in information. There was a time and a place for fun and games. Now, with tech booming every which way, something has to give to still give our kids an avenue to learn, but in a way that helps them to become better members of our society.


Is content of information really as important as the means to find it? To clarify, if we don’t know something, a few keystrokes (or even voice recognition these days) allow some artificial intelligence to recite the answer within seconds. If we want to know more…click, click, click…there it is. We can find the information at the drop of a hat….but does that make us wiser?


Arguably, no it does not. It makes us slaves to the screen. How can we break from this while still keeping up with the times (technology isn’t the worst thing in the world for convenience and progress, after all)?


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